Personal Growth

World Café

The World Café is a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter, offering an effective antidote to the fast-paced fragmentation and lack of connection in today’s world.

Based on the understanding that conversation is the core process that drives personal, business, and organizational life, the World Café is more than a method, a process, or technique – it’s a way of thinking and being together sourced in a philosophy of  conversational leadership.

My Story My Power

My Story My Power is dedicated to bringing the people of the TriCities, Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge communities together through shared stories that inspire, engage, activate and empower. Our idea and dream is to expand the narrative through personal stories like yours.

Storytelling has always been, and will always be, a powerful way to bring communities together. Storytellers from all walks of life and in all parts of the world motivate audiences to feel, to change, to believe and to connect.

With this in mind, and in knowing that many women have their own untold stories, we have created a platform to do just that. MY STORY – MY POWER is a semi-annual event.  Check our calendar for dates. The focus is for women from our community to share from their hearts, rather than being a speech contest or a platform for promoting political ideals or businesses. Men speakers won’t be excluded, but their stories will need to appeal to, and benefit women. Speakers are chosen by the selection committee based on reviewed applications.

Anyone interested in speaking is encouraged to email a summary of their story to with MY STORY – MY POWER in the subject line.


WCH mentorship program gives you access to the array of women in our community and beyond.Our mentorship program provides one on one guidance, inspiration and honest feedback.  You will receive insights and knowledge that will help you navigate life.

Who do we work with?

  • Women in the Tri-cities, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge
  • First Nations women throughout BC
  • New Immigrants
  • Widows in Zimbabwe