Running a business or being in a position of leadership can be a lonely place. The Tri-Cities Women’s Collaborative Hub provides a platform whereby business owners and professional women leaders can give and receive support.

There are countless benefits to being a mentor or mentee. Having a mentor provides you with another brain to pick, another ear to listen, and an accountability partner. Being a mentor provides you with inspiration, knowledge exchange, and community service.

You Need A Mentor if:

Your business is growing fast and you’re encountering new issues you’ve never had to deal with before.

You have reached a plateau and you need another set of of eyes to evaluate your current status and brainstorm future directions.

You’ve grown your business beautifully but now need some guidance as you encounter new issues.

You are at a crossroad and you need someone to help you examine your options.

You are looking to develop or refocus your skill set towards your next leadership and/or board role.

You need additional support returning to the paid workforce after a career break.

The Tri-Cities Women’s Collaborative Hub will provide both local group mentorship opportunities and one-to-one peer mentorship. We aim to connect more novice businesswomen with experienced entrepreneurs to learn, share, and grow together.

Our Program

We have a thorough, criteria-based application. Each mentor is specifically matched based upon their expertise.

Mentors are chosen for mentees based on objectives highlighted in the mentee’s application form.

Mentors enter into a signed confidentiality agreement to address privacy, conflict, and business sensitive issues.

Both parties are given instructions on how our program runs.

You have the option to switch to a different mentor if the first one assigned to you is not a good fit.

Your success is our success. We carefully follow and get updates from both parties to ensure things are going smoothly.

“Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind”  


1 on 1 Mentoring

Matches one mentor with one mentee. Most people prefer this model because it allows both mentor and mentee to develop a personal relationship and provides individual support for the mentee.

Group Mentoring

One mentor working with four to six mentees at one time. The group meets once a month to discuss various topics. The mentor facilitates the group to help each other learn and develop appropriate skills and knowledge.

Peer to Peer MENTORING

Entrepreneurs and women in leadership at similar levels of experience (and thus similar challenges) learn from each other’s experience.

Youth/Community Mentoring

Assures our future leaders they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges and shows them they matter. Mentoring in this way also connects the mentee to personal growth and development experiences and social and economic opportunities.