The Program

WCH mentorship program gives you access to the array of women in our community and beyond. Our mentorship program provides one on one guidance, inspiration and honest feedback. You will receive insights and knowledge that will help you navigate life.

Who do we work with?

  • Women in the Tri-cities, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge
  • First Nations women throughout BC
  • New Immigrants
  • Widows in Zimbabwe

Be Mentored

Criteria for Mentee:

  • The Mentee’s role is to lead the relationship, provide context and goals
  • Mentee has to manage time as well as be the driver in the mentor/mentee relationship. We recommend providing an agenda 3-4 days before each session, to allow the Mentor to be prepared.
  • Mentee has to be available for a minimum of 1 hour a month for six months
  • Respect your Mentor’s time
  • Be open to suggestions new ideas and accept advice
  • Set meeting for the entire 6 month period and send a calendar invite to your mentor
  • Take initiative in maintaining a relationship with a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Role of the Mentor:

  • Takes a long-range view on mentees growth and development.
  • Helps mentee see the destination but does not give detailed map to get there.
  • Offers encouragement and cheerleading, but not “how to” advice.
  • Provides non-judgmental support
  • Provides guidance on issues raised
  • Speaks from experience rather than give advice
  • Helps clarify mentee’s goals
  • Passes on their knowledge and experience
  • Makes connections where necessary.