Do you want to be connected with action-oriented, inspiring women who are passionate about empowering others?

Who we are

WCH is a personal growth & empowerment platform where women acknowledge, own and share their gifts.

Who are members are

  • Business Women
  • Professional Women
  • Community Leaders
  • Socially Connected Women

Why should I become a WCH member?

You’ll join a group of inspiring women who are inspired to empower others.  You’ll get special insider news, notification of community events that elevate and educate women, benefits extended from the WEB alliance (a consortium of women’s business networks in BC), and a discounted price for our annual Women Influencers Awards.  You will also receive a digital membership badge you can use on your website and marketing collateral and add to your email signature to demonstrate your support of women supporting women.

WCH is a registered non-profit organization run by volunteers.  Membership fees are used to help cover administration and incidental costs.

How much does WCH membership cost?

We keep our costs low so we can be an inclusive organization.  Membership is only $9.99 per year!

How long does my WCH membership last?

Membership terms are January to January.

How do I become a WCH member?

Simple.  Sign up and pay here.

Why Join Us?

People join for a variety of reasons, but we all have one thing in common:  empowering others locally and globally.

Ready to make a difference?

Awesome!  Joining is quick, easy and affordable.  Membership costs $59 per year. If you feel inclined to donate towards our global projects for the widows in Zimbabwe such as the micro-farming, candle making, sewing etc please DONATE here.

Membership costs

a year


Does your organization believe in empowering women and youth? Becoming a “Friend of WCH” is one of the best ways to show the world where your values lie.

As an affiliate member, you will receive:
a digital “Friends of WCH” badge to demonstrate your support
up to 10 individual memberships with all the associated benefits
early-bird sponsorship opportunity for the annual Women Influencers Awards

Your support as a “Friend of WCH” is greatly appreciated! We are a 100% volunteer-run organization, and we use membership and “Friend of WCH” fees to cover our administration costs so we can continue to service our community.

To become a “Friend of WCH”,
please email