Women Influencers Awards celebrate most powerful women of the Tri-Cities, Pitt Meadows, & Maple Ridge to raise your profile amongst the utmost renowned names in the communities. Establishing connected face-to-face relationships that lead to new and stronger business opportunities. Together we support and celebrate your achievements by aiming to provide you with an experience that is truly inspirational – an event with women influencers in our communities! Where and when men and women, at last, have a long overdue opportunity to celebrate those amazing women!

Award Eligibility:

  • Must be 18 years by the Awards Night
  • Nominee will accept Nomination
  • Nominee can only be nominated in ONE category
  • Self-Nominations are accepted
  • Demonstrates Inclusivity
  • Community Driven
  • Service Oriented
  • Displays commitment
  • Positive Influence in the communities
  • Lives and/or works in the Tri Cities, Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge areas
  • Identify as a woman

Selection Process:

The Women’s Collaborative Hub Planning Committee reviews all nominations and is comprised of Women of Distinction across the Tri-Cities, Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge. Nominations are rated against the nomination criteria and the committee may contact nominees, nominators and supporters to confirm references. Selections are made in consideration of the impact the individual has made in the communities in the respective categories. Award recipients must be able to attend (in person or via skype) the awards ceremony, and participate in pre-event reception.


#1 BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY – she is a front-line staff who works in the battle zone and sees people not tasks. She is the individual who works far beyond her job description especially in her assistance to individuals in distress or crisis, expecting nothing in return.

#2 OUTSTANDING CAREGIVER – she is a hospital nurse, doctor, mental health nurse, home health aide, eldercare, sitter, personal care aid, counsellor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, dentist, veterinarian and the like. Her activity has been instrumental in changing the quality of life for those in her care.

#3 SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPION – she is a farmer, chef, ecologist, technologist, computer coder, restaurant manager, designer, community business leader or the like, who advances environmental practices and whose efforts result in improvement in quality of life, more effective use of spaces, or connects people and resources in our communities.


#4 INSPIRATIONAL WONDER WOMAN – she has a reputation as a “super mom” – although she might be a grandparent, aunt, or other community member. She is active in PAC / DPAC, or soccer-hockey-lacrosse-dance-choir-tae kwon do-etc. This wonder woman inspires, leads, and engages people to take action. She is a role model, über organizer and has traits that only a few possess.

#5 EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATOR – she is the principal, vice-principal, teacher, special education assistant, tutor, coach who everyone knows and is impressed with. She has the ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual, social-emotional & physical development of her students – be they children or adults of any age. She effectively and positively changes the direction of students’ lives.

#6 EMERGING INFLUENCER – she is a young entrepreneurs or emerging leader between the ages of 18-30, who demonstrates a capacity to act as a catalyst for change. She represent a new generation of leaders who advocates for others and gives a voice to them.


#7 EXTRAORDINARY LEADER – she is driving force for change in her of political position or as CEO, CFO, or COO. She builds shared visions to inspire others and change or challenge the status quo. As a mentor she finds joy in the success of others.

# 8 COMMUNITY STEWARD – she is a faith-based or community leader who has shown outstanding service by dedicating her efforts to local fellowships, congregations, parishes, and neighbourhood audience.

# 9 ONLINE DYNAMO – she is a guru of digital professionalism through her blogging, online grouping, and social media. She has important impact on the economic well-being of the online community. She positively impact the locale in which she leads.


Self-Nomination is highly recommended

Please head over to the nominate tab to start your submission