Being a leader or running your own small business can feel challenging at the best of times. The Women’s Collaborative Hub (WCH) offers women and business leaders access to 60 minutes of free coaching with professional coaches from diverse backgrounds, which affords you the opportunity to tackle a personal or business challenge more effectively. Being supported and encouraged to think outside of the box can lead to amazing new results.

WCH coaching program gives you access to highly trained expert coaches in our community. We have an ongoing commitment to you, the WCH members, to constantly seek out and attract new local and regional coaches, as the needs require.  Your first one to one coaching session is for FREE! The session offers you 60 minutes of uninterrupted time with your chosen coach to explore area of interest, be they personal or business related. This first coaching session may offer you new guidance, questions to reflect upon, and an opportunity to experience, perhaps for the first time, a coaching session that adds to your fulfillment and future business successes.

Come take advantage of this great offer for WCH members with the amazing Coaches below:


Sandra J. Horton

Sandra J. Horton is a leadership, transition, and sales coach who holds a Master’s degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University. As a Co-founder of the Women’s Collaborative Hub, Sandra is excited to see women coming together to create new possibilities for themselves and their communities. She also runs her own consulting business Horton Collaborations – the Connection Company©, specializing in leadership development, employee engagement, as well as sales force effectiveness, and has provided professional facilitation services for the last seven years.

As a leadership and sales coach, Sandy is known for her honest, open, and reflective approach helping clients to solve challenges centered in both evidence-based leadership theory and practical approaches to achieving measurable results. Certified in EQ-i 2.0 and 360 Assessments, Sandra expands her clients understanding of how to communicate more effectively, to build stronger relationships, and to lead balanced lives both personally and professionally.

Change Your Perspective – Change Your Life!

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Alison Johansen

Allison Johansen, CEC ACC BBA is a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University with years of experience serving as a board director in several organizations.  She is a strong believer that successful coaching starts with one on one interactions; advancing possible change in any individual, group or organization. Reaching beyond her own comfort zone has led to her best experiences and greatest awards. She enjoys applying those insights and learnings to help clients move forward.


Certified in EQi-2 Assessments. Emotionally intelligent people communicate effectively, form strong relationships and create powerful coping strategies. Emotionally unintelligent people do not.  

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Sheila Sutherland

Sheila Sutherland is a Certified Holistic Life Mastery Coach, Professional Educator, Podcaster and Founder of Reignite Your Purpose. She has a BSc in Biology and a B.Ed. in secondary Education. Sheila is a natural born teacher and brings massive knowledge to the table as to the science of mindset, thought patterns and behavior. Sheila’s passion is to create a movement of Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Compassion, to bring people back to connect to who they really are and create a solid foundation in their relationship with self. This relationship is the foundation upon which every aspect of your life is built and needs to be solid to create success in other areas of your life. Sheila will help to elevate your life, relationships and business through aligning your mindset, behaviors and communication, so you can live a more authentic, connected and vibrant life. 

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Carol Metz Murray

How often do you feel or say ‘I’m stuck”?  As you say the two words you find yourself sliding into a tunnel of despair.  What you focus on expands! An innocent choice of words can block you from moving forward in your business.  Your language is powerful; it defines how you play and drive your life. 

Carol’s life journey unearthed opportunity upon opportunity to discover who she truly is as she transitioned her ‘stuckness’.  A survivor of six vehicle accidents and childhood trauma, she’s implemented strategies, taken risks and learned to shift gears to drive her life rather than it driving her. Carol Metz Murray, with Carol Metz Murray Leadership, Shift Happens – Embrace it, is a change catalyst business coach/mentor, consultant and speaker who recognizes’ peoples innate capability and inherent resourcefulness.  Journey with her as she takes you on an interactive adventure shifting your language, igniting your WHY and Rock your business.  Play boldly; Dream big; there is Greatness inside You.

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Debra Abrahim  

Debra Abrahim is a life coach, social worker, and Founder of Unique Get Together Society. She has a B.A in social worker. Passionate about helping others she has acquired extensive hands on knowledge and skills in working with individuals living on the streets to working with families and youth, as a Ministry of Children and Family Development Protection Social worker. She is known for being a positive person who wholeheartedly believes that one person can make a difference to help others see hope and therefore change their lives. Driven to grow and follow her passions she completed life coach training with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Training (RMT) to further inform her practices of assisting others to reach a fulfilling life. Debra offers a truly grounded and genuine approach to her role as Life Coach.

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